What got you involved with making music?!

I started to make music relatively late. It was when I was 17 years old. I wanted to be a chemical scientist until the day I turned on the TV and a Foo Fighters video was playing. I bought a cheap electric guitar right away and made 10 demo songs with the 3 to 4 chords I could learn in those first days. Then I sent them to a friend of mine and he asked me if I wanted to join his band. This is how I started making music.

 What does performing mean to you?

 Performing is just a better way to express the most aggressive part of myself which is otherwise locked inside. I need people to see that part coming out of me. At this point live instruments like guitars and keyboards play a huge role since they will give me the opportunity to improvise and let the feeling grow faster.

 What kind of music do you produce?

 This question is easy to understand but hard to answer. The PRVNTK style is probably close to electronic dance music but I try not to follow trends and stereotypes. I usually improvise with odd sounds and try to make them musically interesting. My voice is pretty close to the grunge rock scene from the 90s, which feels kind of different in this type of music. I always aim to create an original sound. Sometimes dark and heavy, full of distortion, and sometimes more atmospheric and melodic but always easily recognizable.

 What was the main inspiration for your album „Primitive Echoes“?

 "Primitive Echoes“ came to my mind for the first time after a song I made on one of those sleepless nights in which you can't do anything but write. I decided whenever I was putting together the pieces for my first PRVNTK album, I would have to call it exactly like that. The record represents my primordial and intimate instincts such as passion, aggression, danger, confusion, nudity and the obsession for being and feeling alive. You will hear the echoes of those instincts flowing from song to song on the path through the entire album.

 What does music mean and feel like for you?

 It means everything and nothing. Without a reason behind it, writing a song becomes really hard for me. I'm usually driven by the feeling of the moment, my instincts, life experiences, depression, and happiness. I'm driven by fire. Music is exactly like fire, it has to feel like a blaze that burns in an instant and I try to be good catching that instant.